NEW Nintendo 3DS Original CTR-001 Compatible WAP-002 Charger AC Adapter 2 Stylus

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NEW Third Party WAP-002 Compatible Battery Charger for the Nintendo 3DS & 2 Stylus Pens!

  • NEW Power Cord / AC Adapter / Battery Charger / 2 Stylus Pens for Nintendo 3DS Original. 
  • This listing includes 2 black stylus pens!!
  • This high quality battery charger is NEW but it is not made by Nintendo.
  • The stylus pens are not made by Nintendo but they fit inside the 3DS CTR-001 model!
  • We have sold thousands of these chargers and have had no problems.
  • The battery charger plug works in all DSi, 3DS & 2DS models.
  • It works with 120V U.S. and it works on 240V international outlets